Where We Work


Wamulu is based in the Greater Bungoma South district in the Western Province of Kenya. 

Kenya has seen vast improvements in living standards in recent years, seeing life expectancy increase eleven years, Gross National Income (“GNI”) rise 150% and poverty rate drop from 46.8% to 36.1% between 2005 and 2015.[i] These improvements give us optimism for a brighter future, but Kenya still has great challenges to overcome.

In July 2008, former president Mwai Kibaki launched Vision 2030. The objective is to transform Kenya into a middle-income country that provides a high quality of life for all its citizens along with environmental stability. The Third Medium Term of Vision 2030 identifies the four issues that are believed to have the biggest impact on the quality of life in Kenya.

  1. Universal Healthcare
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Affordable Housing
  4. Food Security

The vision sets the standards for how Kenya should look in 2030. The task then becomes a matter of finding the right pathway to arrive there. Wamulu firmly stands behind this vision and seek to undertake projects to aid this cause.

[i] World Bank Data, data.worldbank.org/country/kenya, sourced 18 July 2018.